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  1. How to Collect Cricket Memorabilia

    How to Collect Cricket Memorabilia
    Cricket memorabilia is one of the fastest growing areas in the sports collectibles field. 1864 saw the first publication of the “Bible of cricket” the Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack and this is certainly an area worth concentrating on. The founder John Wisden (1826-1854) created the longest running sports annual in history. The Wisden has been produced in both hardback form and...
  2. The Origins of Cricket

    A sports memorabilia article The origins of cricket and cricket memorabilia The summers of mid 16th century England saw the beginnings of what was to become the nation’s most fashionable sport The game of cricket originated in Saxon times in the woodland clearings of the weald in South-Eastern England. 1598 is the earliest reference where the game is referred to as...

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