Sports Memorabilia

  1. Collecting Boxing Memorabilia

    Collecting Boxing Memorabilia  The Greeks originally introduced an ancient form of boxing into their Olympic games around 688 BC, although the sport only began to thrive years later in Roman times. Boxers in those days, or to be more accurate pugilists did not have access to gloves, headgear and other protective equipment as today's boxers do, the hand covering worn...
  2. How to Identify Fake Sports Autographs

    AUTOGRAPHS REAL OR FAKE The origins of the autograph An autograph may be defined as “any manuscript handwritten by its author; a handwritten signature especially the signature of a famous or admired person. The origins of hand signed autographs can be traced back to sixth century ancient Greece however none survive from this period, in fact The earliest autograph, signature of...
  3. James Hunt Memorabilia

    James Hunt Motor Racing Memorabilia. I was fortunate in March this year to purchase three items of James Hunt memorabilia from a private collection in Surrey. James Simon Wallis Hunt (1947-1993) was a flamboyant British motor racing driver who won the world drivers’ championship in 1976 whilst driving for McLaren in the Japanese Grand Prix. On retirement from motor racing...
  4. Primo Carnera Signed Print

    Boxing 1929 Primo Carnera Signed Print inscribed ‘ To my friend Harry Drake Windsor, 10/10/29, Primo Carnera’ signed to the front, picture taken at the Star & Garter Hotel, Windsor, Heavy Weight World Champion 1933-34 – framed and glazed, measures 23 x 17cm approx. Boxing Memorabilia  
  5. The Origins of Cricket

    A sports memorabilia article The origins of cricket and cricket memorabilia The summers of mid 16th century England saw the beginnings of what was to become the nation’s most fashionable sport The game of cricket originated in Saxon times in the woodland clearings of the weald in South-Eastern England. 1598 is the earliest reference where the game is referred to as...

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