South Africa v England – 1955 fully signed Bat XXXSOLDXX

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Bearing in mind the bat is over 60 years old it is presented in good condition with most of the signatures clear and legible. Part of a large private collection, the bat is a highly collectable item of one-off signed South African cricket Memorabilia.
This rare and highly collectable item of Cricket memorabilia is a full-size bat signed by the 1955 South African team on their tour to England. They played a five-match Test series against England, losing the series 3-2. It is a Gradidge bat signed in black ink by 15 of the South African touring side including; Jack Cheetham,(c) Hugh Tayfield, Eddie Fuller, John Waite, Ian Smith, Paul Winslow, Trevor Goddard, Chris Duckworth, Percy Mansell, Peter Heine, Russell Endean, Neil Adcock, Goddard, Headley Keith, Roy McLean and Anton Murray XXXXXSOLD.XXXXX XXXXXSOLDXXXXX
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