Sir Geoff Hurst – The fourth goal - signed spot colour

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This stunning photo print shows Hurst striking the ball for England’s forth Goal in the 66 Final and his hatrick. Although a black and white print, Hurst is depicted in colour creating a stunning effect. It is personally signed by Sir Geoff and there are printed details of the goal at the bottom. It was signed in 2006 and measures in at an impressive 60cm by 43cm.
it was signed in 2006 and measures in at an impressive 60cm by 43cm. The 30 minutes of extra time in the 1966 World Cup final would shape the rest of Hurst's life. It looked like a 3-2 win for England with Hurst as the hero with the winning goal but in the last seconds, as the Germans were pushing everyone forward to seek the equalizer, Moore cleared his lines with a long ball over the German defence. Hurst ran on to it towards goal, stating later that he intended just to blast it as far away as he could to eat away valuable seconds. He did rather better than that - the shot flew into the net at the near post, completing a stunning victory and a hat-trick which remains unique to this day. There was no time for the Germans to restart the match. Hurst still emerged the hero of the win but as a result of the third goal, became an icon of world football too. The referee had put his whistle to his lips as Moore shaped to play the final pass to Hurst. He didn't blow it, however, yet some supporters misheard, assumed the game was complete and started invading the pitch. As Hurst collected the pass, BBC commentator Kenneth Wolstenholme immortalised his own contribution to the day with the most famous piece of football commentary ever: "And here comes Hurst, he's got... (notices invaders) ...some people are on the pitch, they think it's all over! (Hurst shoots and scores) It is now!
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