Joe Frazier – Signed Everlast Glove

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This item of signed Joe Frazier Memorabilia pays tribute to his remarkable career and his trilogy of fights with Muhammad Ali. The full-size Everlast Glove is a limited edition of just 100 with each glove personally signed by Joe.
Supplied with a photo of Joe signing and the usual certificate of authenticity. Joe Frazier was a remarkable fighter and the only man that Ali was genuinely frightened of, hence his bitter and sometimes extreme verbal abuse of Frazier. His fight record is 32 wins, 4 losses, 1 draw and 27 wins by KO. He is a member of the Boxing Hall of Fame and will be remembered as one of the greatest Heavyweights in history. In 1970 he became the undisputed world champion which set up his first fight with Muhammad Ali. In 1971 Frazier fought Ali at Madison Square Garden - “The Fight of the Century”. Frazier took control in the middle rounds, landing hard body shots as well as powerful left hooks to the head. He staggered Ali badly in the 11th and knocked him down in the 15th.XXXXXXXXXXXXSOLD---SOLD XXXXXXXXXXX Frazier won a clear, 15-round, unanimous decision - Frazier's second fight against Ali took place in 1974, in New York, with Ali winning a unanimous decision. in 1975 they met for a final time in the Philippines – “The Thrilla in Manila". In a punishing fight, Frazier did not come out for the 15th round with Ali describing it as "the closest thing to death he had ever experienced”. To this day Frazier maintains that he could have come out for the final round and such was his anger with his trainer Eddie Futch for throwing in the towel that he never spoke to him again. SOLD=======SOLD
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