Henry Cooper v Cassius Clay 1963 – Signed presentation and a copy of the fight programme.

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This superb presentation pays tribute to the fight that nearly ended Ali’s march to the world title. It contains a large special edition print depicting various moments of that famous punch, ‘Enrys Ammer’. The print is personally signed by Cooper and to the right is a copy of the fight programme. Both are displayed in a stunning black surround with dual inset mounts and a plaque that details all the facts of the fight and the now infamous ‘cut glove’ incident. It measures in at an impressively large 72cm by 56cm.
It was on 18 June 1963 at Wembley Stadium when Cooper knocked Ali (then Cassius Clay) down in the fourth round with his trademark left hook, "Enry's 'Ammer". The bell rang before Cooper could complete a knockout, and Ali was so dazed that legend has it his trainer, Angelo Dundee, cut his glove. Another had to fetched, giving the future champion time to recover. Whether this is true or not, it is clear the break gave Ali time to recover. Clay came out for the fifth and his punching was fast, furious and deadly accurate. The punches bounced off Cooper's head before he could even set himself to punch back. Cooper's left eye began to pour blood like a burst pipe. Although not dazed or seriously hurt, Cooper could not possibly go on. He looked like a man who had put his head in a shredder. Referee Tommy Little had no option but to stop the fight. Clay's prediction of a fifth round win had come to fruition, though not without a mighty scare. Even ringside spectator Elizabeth Taylor had been screaming for the fight to be stopped! After this fight a spare pair of gloves was always required ringside. Ali went on to become the greatest and Cooper a iconic figure of British Boxing!
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