Paris Olympics 1924 - Harold Abrahams - – Framed tribute presentation

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Harold Abrahams (1899 - 1978) - 1924 Olympics. This super item of signed Athletics memorabilia pays tribute to the late and great Harold Abrahams. It displays a large 16” by 20” black and white photo of Abrahams crossing the line when winning the 1924 Paris Olympics 100m dash. Under this in a separate aperture is his digital signature where he has added ‘Best Wishes’. It is presented in a stunning silver surround with double mounts and a plaque that lists the following text.
After dominating the national long jump and sprint events, Abrahams was an outsider for the medals at the 1924 Olympics in Paris. Against all the odds he won the 100m dash, beating all the American favourites (including the 1920 Gold medal winner Charlie Paddock). In third place was Arthur Porritt, later Governor-General of New Zealand. The Paris Olympics 100m dash took place at 7pm on 7 July 1924 and Abrahams and Porritt dined together at 7pm on 7 July every year thereafter, until Abrahams' death. In May 1925, he broke his leg and his athletic career ended. He returned to his legal career. Subsequently he worked as a journalist for forty years, becoming a BBC Sports Commentator. In 1936, he reported from the Nazi Berlin Olympics and later in his life, he served as the chairman for the Amateur Athletic Association. It measures in at a large and impressive 68cm by 66cm and is a fine item of signed Olympics memorabilia.
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