Ali vs Foreman 1974 – Rumble in the Jungle - Tribute presentation

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This stunning special edition presentation pays tribute to probably the greatest fight in the history of the sport. On 30th October 1974 in Zaire the underdog Muhammad Ali took on the undisputed champion of the world, George Foreman. In what is now known as the ‘Rumble in the Jungle’, Ali won an epic fight and the hearts of a nation to cement his place in sporting history. The presentation contains an original and large press photo of the moment Ali floored Foreman with the referee counting Foreman out. Next to this is a digital reproduction of the original fight programme which was signed by Ali clearly across the front cover. (Due to the bold colours, the signature does not stand out on the website image but is clearly visible on the actual item).
Finally there is a large plaque that provides a detailed report on the fight and the presentation. The text on the plaque under the main titles is as follows:- If there was any doubt as to Ali's greatness, they were erased by his dramatic eighth-round knockout of the Champion. Foreman had previously destroyed Norton and Frazier in two rounds and no one gave Ali a chance! Ali’s strategy is now referred to as the rope-a-dope and looked suicidal. Foreman's punches seemed to have so much power but Ali kept soaking it up. By round six, Foreman was looking arm weary and in the eighth round, Ali launched a cunning counter-attack which would prove conclusive. Apparently trapped in a neutral corner, Ali began to attack an unprotected Foreman and a straight right hand to Foreman's jaw sent the champion sprawling. Foreman fell to the canvas and was unable to rise. That night in Zaire was about Ali, and the way he defied the odds. The entire presentation is displayed in a tasteful silver surround with dual mounts, measuring in at a large and impressive 67cm by 45cm. A super collectable from a famous moment in sporting history that would grace any location in the home or office, and make a great gift.
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