1996 Atlanta Olympics Mohammad Ali signed presentation

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Measuring in at a large and impressive 77cm by 57cm (approx). It has been fully authenticated by an industry expert and bearing in mind Ali has sold his image rights availability of genuine items is significantly reduced. This one-off item is therefore a rare and highly collectable item of Muhammad Ali memorabilia that is one of the true investments for the future.
At the 1996 Olympic Games, the world and his country honoured Muhammad Ali by choosing him for the honour of lighting the Olympic flame in Atlanta, Georgia. At the same Olympics, Muhammad Ali was also presented with a replacement gold medal. Ali had supposedly thrown his previous gold medal, won in 1960, into the Ohio River after being refused entry to a restaurant, confirming his own suspicions that even with a gold medal; he would not be treated any different in the South. This rare and one-off presentation pays tribute to this moment in sporting history. Titled, ‘Flame of Glory’, it displays a large photo of Ali lighting the flame and an original first day of issue Postal Cover Olympic Anniversary edition that lists Ali’s Olympic achievements with images of Ali and a unique post mark. The cover is personally autographed by Ali across the middle of the cover. The signature is very clear and in excellent condition and it is thought to be one of kind as Ali did not sign these as part of a formal signing. It has recently been professionally framed in a stunning gold surround with black and gold inset mounts, and a plaque with details of the event and presentation.
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